31 October 2006, 14:01  

Wonder Woman Nude Sketches and Colored Hot Naked Porn Image.

Here are the Wonderwoman sketches I told you about.
Wonderwoman fights a giant Minotaur, a large mound of muscles, hoofs and horns. Wonderwoman hardly has any chance to win. The Minotaur appears to have an oversized penis he does not mind using now and then!

  • The Minotaur stuns the girl.
  • Strips her raw.
  • His cock slides between her sweet tight breasts.
  • He slams the Wonderwoman's mouth.
  • He creams in her mouth and drowns her sizzling body in muck!
  • This is it, hot, isn't it? Now let's decide about the coloring styles. I got something as an example.

    I suggest that we use this technique, it looks marvelous. Have other ideas or samples? Let us know, we'll choose the best one!

    Not sure about the next series yet, but it will be something based on really famous stuff.
    I think we gotta have a poll so that you let us know about what you want.

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