31 October 2006, 14:01  

Wonder Woman Nude Sketches and Colored Hot Naked Porn Image.

Here are the Wonderwoman sketches I told you about.
Wonderwoman fights a giant Minotaur, a large mound of muscles, hoofs and horns. Wonderwoman hardly has any chance to win. The Minotaur appears to have an oversized penis he does not mind using now and then!

  • The Minotaur stuns the girl.
  • Strips her raw.
  • His cock slides between her sweet tight breasts.
  • He slams the Wonderwoman's mouth.
  • He creams in her mouth and drowns her sizzling body in muck!
  • This is it, hot, isn't it? Now let's decide about the coloring styles. I got something as an example.

    I suggest that we use this technique, it looks marvelous. Have other ideas or samples? Let us know, we'll choose the best one!

    Not sure about the next series yet, but it will be something based on really famous stuff.
    I think we gotta have a poll so that you let us know about what you want.

    28 October 2006, 18:10  

    Hentai X Men Comics Porn. 6 images. Begin of Adult Story.

    Hello everybody, just as I promised, here comes the hentai X Men comics.
    All the characters are depraved enough, they've had sex with each other hundreds of times, and now they are plotting against each other. Of course affection and love have place inside them, too. The girls are gorgeous as usual, ample tits, round butts, smooth long legs. X Men were made for hentai! This comics is created from scratch, so there are minor differences from original artwork.

    • Jubilee blows Wolverine. The girl is young, but very skilled!
    • They are having a row. Then Wolverine turns Jubilee around, puts her on all fours and delivers a passionate fuck slamming her butt hard.
    • Kitty enters at this moment and watches Wolverine working on Jubilee's butt. Then we see the awesomely tight and sexy body of this little bitch.
    • Kitty and Wolverine throw the girl into the street and go down on each other. Jubilee sits on the pavement and cries.
    • A large monster shows up, approaches the girl and fills her with terror – and his large boner. Wolverine and Kitty don't hear a thing.
    • Finally they've had enough of themselves, and they remember about the young whore they threw out. At this moment the monster already undresses the poor slut.

    This is not the end...

    So how do you like this comic series? Let us know what was good and what wasn't. We'll try to get rid of the bad stuff :)

    I got a couple of Wonderwoman sketches, will upload them soon. I also got a sample of coloring, we'll choose what suits best.

    26 October 2006, 19:38  

    X Men Hentai, 5 Porn pics of Emma Frost, Mystique and other.

    So here we go!
    The first post reveals the shocking details about the secret life of X Men characters. I always fancied the chicks from these series, they’re totally hot! This is why I decided to do X Men hentai. Here we have 5 official pics, very well expanded.

      Some background information.
    • Here's the sexy Emma Frost, almost fully naked and very surprised by the weapon used against her this time.
    • Cyclops holds gorgeous Phoenix (Jean Grey) not wanting to let such beauty go. Observe her distinctive breasts and legs, absolutely killer!
    • Phoenix again, showing off her cracking curves.
    • Wolverine does not mind playing with this hot cute kitten.
    • Wolverine attacks Mystique with his primary weapon. Mystique's pussy, ass and mouth will have a hard time, but she's loving it.

    Sometimes drawing new stuff barely makes any sense when you can do better updating the existing pics :) Several pages of X Men comics coming soon – created from scratch, not based on existing artwork.

    [01] [02] [03] [04] [05]

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